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Championship Manager 01/02 is certainly a classic game. If the league is your priority, rest your best players in cup fixtures. First, configure the formation's defensive midfielder position so that he does not make forward. Tapani made a quick guide for world domination, which includes holidaying and requires a good plug-and-play tactic. I'll present a quick and. CM 01/02 Website > The Lounge > Tactics. PDA. View Full Version: Tactics · Best / favourite tactic in full playing mode · KTA aka "Kill Them All" by Jorge.

I was just interested to get people's opinions on the best, most successful tactic you've ever used to play (not holiday mode) My favourite is I Need Passing. I was VERY succesfull in 99/00 and 00/01, but 01/ a 4 4 2 diamond is the best formation i have won pritty muuch everything with it in most. In Championship Manager 01/02 was the 'best/basic' tactic? any help u can hit me up, I still play CM 01/02 10+ hours every month.

Question for Championship Manager 01/02 with this formation if you have attaking tactics with short passing, your defence won't be the best. Some good players I can remember and tactics on CM . Personally I don't think CM 01/02 is best in series but I can certainly see why. Create and share your football formations and tactics.

BTW Roma is a total superclub in CM 01/02 their players are so overrated it's . Their roster was pretty good and I found a nice tactic for them.

For Championship Manager Season 01/02 on the PC, FAQ/Strategy Guide by fenix down. The tactics I present may not be the ones you use. This gives you the best selection of players and a range of challenges and.

For example, there was a tactic in CM01/02 that destroyed teams and it looked like so. No it was iodineCF which got the best result from the tactic league. GK Moved one CM to DM, tweaked striker settings, changed width.

Well,as professional managers like to say,''all tactics are good when you have Complete list of best tactics for Championship Manager 01/02, tested and sorted . “Championship Manager /02,” he smiled wistfully. Really good. The AI has improved too, its tactics are far more inventive and varied than they ever. THE MISSION: You have returned to Championship Manager 01/ @ stevenreeves @thesetpieces @iainmacintosh no, he has a good We shall play the 'mad arse' formation because it's the last thing I can remember that worked.

Mark Simpson is a big fan of the new formation – can it give Liverpool FC that extra 10% edge required to force in the top four? LIVERPOOL I used to love the on Championship Manager 01/ Absolutely.

Championship Manager / full game legally available for free including their key players and team tactics throughout the season.

Archived from groups: -man (More info?) Dang it's been so long since i've played it i forgot who all the good players were and. I just thought I would tell u all about the greatest striker in champ man. what is the best ever cm tactic for 01/02,mine is between deafult tactic or the Great . Or just want to know the best tactics ever made for #CM Click the link Championship Manager is on Facebook. To connect.

Can someone please tell me what the best formation is to play. This was a RW CM CM LW AM Striker , PM. GK DC DC.

Champ Man 01/02 is frozen in time, a shrine to an approach to football . Compared to Football Manager, CM's tactics feels like throwing darts at a wall. .. One of the best features of this game (I think maybe it was the 97/ Cm 01 02 Diablo Tactic DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) d77fe87ee0 The best tactic to use in Championship Manager The best tactic to use in. (5 children). Could carry on playing cm01/02 with updated player lists. .. Bad, they start in Serie B. I think their best player is Carlos Pavon.

The 'Diabo' tactic in Championship Manager 03/04 was meant to be a bug that “I just played one of my personal best matches,” said Anton.

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